Colossus. Street Art Europe

Artwork by Alexsandros Vasmoulakis


Artwork by Manolis Anastasakos, Kretsis Crew


Artwork by WD

Artwork by Jorit Agoch

Artwork by Blu

Artwork by Cheph DDL

Artwork by Lidia Cao

Artwork by Saner

Artwork by WK INTERACT

Artwork by Odeith

Artwork by Pichi Avo

Artwork by Fin DC

Artwork by Marko 93

Artwork by Marko 93

Artwork by INTI

Artwork by London Police

Artwork by Faith 47

Artwork by Esther Sarto

Artwork by Herakut, West21, Onurpainting

Artwork by Deih, David de la Mano

Artwork by Millo

Artwork by Various Gould

Artwork by Obey

Artwork by Seth, Kislow

Artwork by Fat Heat

Artwork by Stink Fish

Artwork by Artem Stefanov, STFNV

Artwork by ARYZ

Artwork by Jody

Artwork by Boe, Irony




   The first time I saw graffiti was about 20 years ago during the 1990’s. It was colorful tagging on a dirty wall in my home town in Japan. I couldn’t read it, but the vivid graffiti deeply embedded itself in my memory.


     In the 1990’s the Internet was not as developed as it is today. It was hard to find out information on street art. A lot of time has passed by since then. After undertaking a trip to Latin America, I decided to travel back to Japan via Europe. It was here, while working in Lodz, Poland that I came across large scale street art for the very first time, a giant-sized 20 meters tall work of art and on further discovery I realized that large scale murals were not confined to a single place.


 Following on from Lodz I began to research the European street art scene via the internet, discovering there were literally hundreds of epic large scale murals spread throughout Europe.That was the catalyst for my intention to track down and document these works.


 I travelled from Lodz to Berlin, Berlin to Vienna, Vienna to Budapest – my quest had begun. Throughout Europe the painting styles are incredibly diverse, each artist has their own unique technique. Figurative, abstract, geometric and photo-realistic. Traveling throughout Europe became like a visit to an open-air art museum.


    During the time I’ve spent documenting these images more than a hundred street art works have disappeared for various reasons including the demolishing of buildings, repainting of buildings and the extension of buildings. New work painted over old work. Street art does not last forever. It can disappear in weeks, months or years or conversely still be around decades later. They appear and disappear repeatedly.


     This book documents my travels between 2018 and 2019.The QR codes included with each city are there so that you too can witness the creativity and spectacle of European street art. Oh, and one last thing, should you arrive at the location and not find the piece of work that I have documented, its highly likely that you might find a new gem waiting for you!

List of Cities

Aalborg, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Badalona, Barcelona, Berlin, Bratislava, Bristol, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Gdansk, Granollers, Istanbul, Kiev, Kosice, Lisbon, Lodz, London, Minsk, Moscow, Naples, Paris, Poznan, Rome, Tirana, Vienna, Vigo, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Zaragoza.


     This Book contains over 500 images


1-11-2019. Published by Carpet Bombing Culture.